pyunity.logger module

Utility functions to log output of PyUnity.

This will be imported as pyunity.Logger.

class pyunity.logger.Level(abbr, name)[source]

Bases: object

Represents a level or severity to log. You should never instantiate this directly, instead use one of Logging.OUTPUT, Logging.INFO, Logging.DEBUG, Logging.ERROR or Logging.WARN.

class pyunity.logger.Special(func)[source]

Bases: object

Class to represent a special line to log. You should never instantiate this class, instead use one of Logger.RUNNING_TIME.


Logs a message with level OUTPUT.

pyunity.logger.LogLine(level, *message, silent=False)[source]

Logs a line in latest.log found in these two locations: Windows: %appdata%\PyUnity\Logs\latest.log Other: /tmp/pyunity/logs/latest.log

Parameters:level (Level) – Level or severity of log.

Log an exception.

Parameters:e (Exception) – Exception to log
pyunity.logger.LogSpecial(level, type)[source]

Log a line of level level with a special line that is generated at runtime.

  • level (Level) – Level of log
  • type (Special) – The special line to log

Saves a new log file with a timestamp of initializing PyUnity for the first time.