Source code for pyunity.errors

## Copyright (c) 2020-2022 The PyUnity Team
## This file is licensed under the MIT License.
## See

"""Module for all exceptions and warnings related to PyUnity."""

__all__ = ["PyUnityException", "ComponentException",
           "GameObjectException", "ProjectParseException",

[docs]class PyUnityException(Exception): """Base class for PyUnity exceptions.""" pass
[docs]class ComponentException(PyUnityException): """Class for PyUnity exceptions relating to components.""" pass
[docs]class GameObjectException(PyUnityException): """Class for PyUnity exceptions relating to GameObjects.""" pass
[docs]class ProjectParseException(PyUnityException): """Class for PyUnity project parsing exceptions.""" pass
[docs]class PyUnityExit(PyUnityException): """Exception for breaking out of the main loop and shutting PyUnity down."""