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Bugfix regarding Quaternion.eulerAngles.

To set the rotation of the camera using Euler angles, use scene.mainCamera.localRotation.SetBackward(Vector3(...)).

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Bugfix regarding Quaternion.FromDir, Quaternion.Euler, abstractmethod and 2D depth buffers.

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Bugfix regarding camera position updating and input axes.

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New features:

  • Rewrote documentation and docstrings

  • Reformatted code

  • F string integration

  • ImmutableStruct and ABCMeta metaclasses
    • The ABCMeta class has more features than the default Python abc module.

  • Rewrote examples

  • Combined many functions common to both Vector2 and Vector3 into a single Vector class.
    • If you want to implement your own Vector classes, subclass from Vector and implement the required abstract methods.

  • Fixed quaternion and rotation maths

  • Input axes and mouse input

  • Multiple lights

  • Different light types

  • Window provider caching and checking

  • Gui components
    • This includes buttons, checkboxes, images and text boxes

    • Rect transforms can be very flexible

    • Platform-specific font loading

  • Stub package
    • This will work with editors such as VSCode and PyCharm, just install pyunity-stubs from pip

Stub package:

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Extra features used in the PyUnity Editor.


  • Code of Conduct and Contributing guides

  • Rewrote most of the README to clear confusion about what PyUnity really is

  • RGB and HSV

  • Better GameObject deleting

  • ShowInInspector and HideInInspector

  • Dynamic lighting

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New features:

  • Customizable skybox

  • Editor integration

  • Rewrote scene saving and loading

  • PYUNITY_WINDOW_PROVIDER environment variable

  • Fixed example 8

Editor GitHub:

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Project structure update.

New features:

  • Replaced Pygame with PySDL2

  • Revamped audio module

  • Fixed input bugs

  • Added scene saving

  • Added project saving

  • Added project structure

  • Automated win32 builds on Appveyor

  • Removed redundant code from fixed function pipeline

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Small minor fix of shader inclusion in binary distributions.

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Bugfix that fixes the shaders and dependency management.

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Big rendering update that completely rewrites rendering code and optimizes it.

New features:

  • Script loading

  • Shaders

  • Vertex buffer objects and vertex array objects

  • Optimized rendering

  • Colours

  • Textures

  • New lighting system

  • New meshes and mesh loading

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Small release that has large internal changes.

New features:

  • Added logger

  • Moved around files and classes to make it more pythonic

  • Rewrote docs

  • Fixed huge bug that broke all versions from 0.2.0-0.3.1

  • Clarified

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Bugfix on basically everything because 0.3.0 was messed up.

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After a long break, 0.3.0 is finally here!

New features:

  • Added key input (not fully implemented)

  • Fixed namespace pollution

  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Window resizing implemented

  • New Scene loading interface

  • Python 3.9 support

  • Finished pxd files

  • LGTM Integration

  • AppVeyor is now the main builder

  • Code is now PEP8-friendly

  • Added

  • Cleaned up working directory

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Small bugfix around the AudioClip loading and inclusion of the OGG file in example 8.

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A CI integration update, with automated building from Appveyor and Travis CI.


  • Shaded faces with crisp colours

  • PXD files to optimize Cython further (not yet implemented fully)

  • Scene changing

  • FPS changes

  • Better error handling

  • Travis CI and AppVeyor integration

  • Simple audio handling

  • Changelogs in the dist folder of master

  • Releases branch for builds from Travis

  • Python 3.6 support

  • 1 more example, bringing the total to 8

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Cython update, where everything is cythonized. First big update.


  • Much more optimized rendering with Cython

  • A new example

  • Primitives

  • Scaling

  • Tutorials

  • New color theme for documentation

  • Timer decorator

  • Non-interactive mode

  • Frustrum culling

  • Overall optimization


  • The FPS config will not have a change due to the inability of cyclic imports in Cython.

  • You can see the c code used in Cython in the src folder.

  • When installing with, you can set the environment variable a to anything but an empty string, this will disable recreating the c files. For example:

    > set a=1
    > pip install .

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Transform updates, with new features extending GameObject positioning.


  • Local transform

  • Quaternion

  • Better example loader

  • Primitive objects in files

  • Fixed jittering when colliding from an angle

  • Enabled friction (I don’t know when it was turned off)

  • Remove scenes from SceneManager

  • Vector division

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Physics update.

New features:

  • Rigidbodies

  • Gravity

  • Forces

  • Optimized collision

  • Better documentation

  • Primitive meshes

  • PyUnity mesh files that are optimized for fast loading

  • Pushed GLUT to the end of the list so that it has the least priority

  • Fixed window loading

  • Auto updater

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More basic things added.


  • Examples (5 of them!)

  • Basic physics components

  • Lighting

  • Better window selection

  • More debug options

  • File loader for .obj files

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First proper release (v0.0.1 was lost).


  • Documentation

  • Meshes

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