Welcome to PyUnity’s documentation!

PyUnity is a Python implementation of the Unity Engine, written in C++. This is just a fun project and many features have been taken out to make it as easy as possible to create a scene and run it.


To install PyUnity for Linux distributions based on Ubuntu or Debian, use:

> pip3 install pyunity

To install PyUnity for other operating systems, use pip:

> pip install pyunity

Alternatively, you can clone the repository here to build the package from source. Then use setup.py to build. Note that it will install Cython to compile.

> python setup.py install

Its only dependencies are PyOpenGL, Pygame, GLFW, Pillow and PyGLM.

To install PyGame on Linux, use:

> pip3 install pygame

After installation, run an example using this command:

> python -m pyunity 3

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